bounce game...thing

I made another quicky game in HaxeFlixel, which you can play here. I'm posting all of these small games that I make for a few reasons. First, it's good practice to show off your progress. I think other devs like to see this stuff, and it's encouraging to others who are learning. Nobody produces their finest work on the first try, so I kind of like showing off these little crappy projects. Second, I like the idea of someday having a well documented timeline of my gamedev career, and a way to look back at the progress I have made. This site is all about that; sharing my adventure in this crazy game.


Play Here!

No joke, this game took me months to learn when I first released in on iOS a few years ago. I was learning game programming, game design, Cocos2d, Objective-C and the iOS ecosystem all at the same time, and I think it took me 8 months to put something together. I made this version in HaxeFlixel TODAY. In one day, while watching my 4 month old son by myself. That says a lot about how far I have come, and how easy it is to build games with HaxeFlixel. =]


So I have changed my mind again, and I have decided to really learn and give HaxeFlixel a chance. I think the benefit of using free tools outweighs the potential benefits that Unity has. I want to keep Unity on the back burner, because it is a very powerful tool that I someday hope to use. But for now, a simpler set of tools with a smaller footprint feels right.

The main thing I look for in a game making tool set is cross platform output with a single code base. HaxeFlixel can output to web, Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android, plus some miscellaneous others. Console deployment is supposedly something that could come someday. I hope it does, because being able to have a game on Vita or Playstation would be AMAZING!

A small recap

Remember this post from December of 2013? I made a little trash can icon for OS X and posted about it on my blog, and had a little laugh. Well, today I thought I would look through my website's stats in cPanel, because I was curious how many people had downloaded that little file.


To this day, exactly three months after posting, almost 75,000 people have downloaded something I made. 1,500 downloads this month alone.

I really should have monetized that thing. =]


It's Unity. I keep going around and around on what tools to use, and I realised I'm stalling. I see two paths ahead and I'm stuck at the crossroads, but the answer apparently is to just take a step back. I would love to use a simple set of tools to make games, but I would hate to shoot myself in the foot later on (this is the case with HaxeFlixel). Unity is perfect for me right now because the base set of tools is free, and there are TONS of resources online if I need help. And with the new addition of 2D tools, which I had been a little leery of, it's just perfect. I don't even need to use Futile anymore, which is a great add on when Unity was just 3D, but seems to be unneeded today.