I Make Games

bounceGame...thing - Moving right along with my HaxeFlixel learning, here's another quick game thing. Bounce on the platforms to make a point, and don't hit the spikes! [8 Apr 2014]
quadrobounce2 - More work in HaxeFlixel, this time recreating my first iOS game. It only took one day to get this up and running, but obviously isn't finished. May take this one to full release someday. [28 Mar 2014]
newShooter - A quick mockup of a new space shooter (my favorite genre apparently) made with Unity and Futile, with graphics from Kennel.nl). [8 Mar 2014]
shielDefense Prototype - Check out the first released prototype for shielDefense. Requires a twin stick controller. Read about the project here. [1 Jan 2014]
raDial Timer - Not a game, but this is the most recent app I have released. I wanted to try my skills at creating a utility app for iPhone, and this idea of a timer that you could spin and set was stuck in my head. I really like the spinner animations for the countdown, as it gives a really nice visual cue as to how much time is left. I use this app personally when I am working at my computer, as it’s a great way to utilize the pomodoro technique. Check out this gallery to see what the app looks like Available right now on the App Store for $0.99! [1 Sep 2013]
quadrobounce! - I made quadrobounce for iPhone as a way to learn Objective-C and the iOS platform in general. Built with cocos2d and some spare time, sold about 30 copies. Not successful. But it was a fun project, and I learned all about motion controls, Game Center, basic game design and app submission. I definitely learned more than I earned with this project. Unfortunately with iOS 6 & 7 updates, the game is broken and doesn’t work anymore, and I don’t have time to update this version, so I pulled it from the App Store. I may remake it in Unity when I get more familiar with the program, since I think it would be fairly easy to redo. [1 Aug 2011] quadrobounce menu quadrobounce game