Small update to the website, and my work

I updated the games page a little bit. I didn’t like how cluttered it looked with all of the embedded boxes, and figured it was a little redundant since all those games are listed on my profile anyway. So I deleted all of those except for spaceSpuds. I want as much coverage of spaceSpuds as I can get, so that’s at the top of the page. This mass deletion also brings focus to the smaller projects I have listed on that page. I have a few links to source code I have published, and browser playable builds of a few games/toys. I really think it’s more clear this way.

I also have been making a lot of progress with luxe. I’m kind of going through the basic gamedev motions of creating the basics of different game genres, just to learn how the system works. I made a top down shooter, and the beginnings of a platformer. I look at these little mini games as an art study, trying to recreate something I have played in code. It is so much more effective for me to learn this way, by actually writing out code, rather than reading how a platformer is made. I still reference the tons of articles out there on the subject, but I will never know it until I do it.

I hope to find some inspiration soon on what game I want to make next. I have a lot of ideas, but nothing is really jumping out at me. I will continue to make small games/prototypes, share them with my small audience, and hopefully something will catch my attention and progress.

//edit - I don’t want to make a new post for this, so I’ll just tack this on here: as I said above, I am learning how to program a platformer, basically from scratch. In other engines, this game is so common that you basically just feed in a map and a player sprite, and the engine figures out the physics for you. Both jumping and collision are just done. Not so with luxe. This may seem like a set back, but I am excitedly looking at this as a chance to learn, and hone my skills as a developer. I updated the platformer web build to the current build. I think I have the player’s movement and jump physics well defined, and set up with easy to tweak variables. The next step is collision with blocks or platforms, which I have started. The red box is each object’s collider, and when they touch, it changes the player’s color. Next comes actually stopping on top of that block, and jumping off.

Written on January 16, 2015
Tagged: gamedev